Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Religious Note 7 Photos

Louis Smith (not that I'd ever heard of him before) has apparently published an apology after a video leaked online suggested he was mocking Islam. Many are calling him a racist for appearing to mock a religion. How can mocking a religion be racist when religion (in almost all cases) transcends race? The issue is really what religion he espouses and whether he believes his form of religion is superior to another, and if so, why. If he's not religious at all, then I suppose it could be called anti-religious, but not racist. A person's race cannot be changed while their religion can.

Personally I've no truck with any organised religion; all religions rely on heresay alone and not heresay with evidence - that being the prime reason we have so many of them and a myriad factions within each one. Does that make me an uber-racist? I think not. There are, however, some religions that are dangerous to life and limb to mock - and that makes their more fanatical adherents really, really bad people.

Here's a bit of advice I've gleaned from the press over recent months - never, ever put your naked photos of yourself on iCloud. Apparently is't an open invitation to hackers. Just do what I do and keep them in a drawer at home, along with your $5m diamond rings.

Seems I'm not destined to get my new Galaxy Note 7 that was ordered months ago.

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