Monday, 3 October 2016

Overhard at Tyntesfield

Went to Tyntesfield (National Trust) in Somerset again yesterday.

Overheard in the grounds of Tyntesfield:

Visitor: "Hebe!......Hebe!......Hebe, where are you?"

Chairman: "Is that chap calling a plant?"

Later, on seeing a chap in a Hawaiian shirt:

Chairman: "I'd like a Hawaiian shirt."

Hay: "You have to be rake thin to wear one, else you'd look like Christopher Biggins or a children's entertainer. Come to think of it, you already look like Christopher Biggins."

Bet you've never seen poinsettias like these in the Tyntesfield greenhouse:

Apparently the ones you get at Christmas are treated with a growth inhibitor to keep them small. These specimens were over 7 feet tall.

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