Thursday, 13 October 2016

Airport Developments

Went on yet another business trip to Glasgow yesterday.
  1. I'm going to have to get myself some plastic cufflinks; I'm sick of having to remove them for airport security and having to fiddle about putting them back in again with cuffs flapping all over the show.
  2. There was a security alert at the airport - some bugger was caught trying to sneak a Galaxy Note 7 through in his baggage...
  3. The EasyJet flight was delayed by 2 hours and 50 minutes; 10 minutes short of the deadline for claiming a refund. They just don't delay planes like they used to - time was when a 6 hour delay was nothing.
  4. Managed to find the EasyJet VIP lounge - it had a sign saying WC, which I presume means Waiting Chamber. There were even some seats behind doors, so you could have some privacy..
  5. At one of the coffee outlets they  had espressos weighing in at 6 calories for a single shot. The same thing as a frappuchinno (whatever that is) weighed in at 148 calories. What the hell do they do to it to add 137 calories, for heaven's sake?
  6. Was watching the outbound flight captain inspecting the plane at the departure gate. It was a lady pilot and she was wearing boots with quite high heels. I just hope she changed them to something more sensible before takeoff, as we men all know that women wearing heels risk their feet slipping off the accelerator.
  7. Took a Scottish £5 note with me to try and get rid of it (yes, I know it's legal tender, but you try telling that to some English people). Managed to get rid of it, but gathered another one a couple of hours later. 
  8. Looking at WH Smiths' concession top 10 best sellers in airports makes you wince. Littered with biographies of footballers, football managers and minor C list celebrities you've never heard of unless you watch daytime TV. Can the British be so bloody shallow? 
  9. On the way back I inadvertently left my laptop in the main departure lounge and it was only about 3 minutes after an announcement was made that I realised it was my laptop that was being referred to and I was already at the departure gate waiting to get on the plane. Airport blokey at the departure gate kindly went and got it for me. Unfortunately he refused a Scottish £5 note as reward. Can't say I blame him - they're difficult to get rid of, even in Scotland, it would seem.

On another Note - remember me banging on a couple of weeks ago about the new housing development at Lee Bay in North Devon? The local council planning department has refused planning permission to the developer. Yay!

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  1. If you stopped worrying about No.6 you might not have had to contend with No.9