Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Humble Flea Pump

We've got a small problem with fleas. Kitty was obviously left too long between treatments and we now have a bit of an infestation. Given we have wooden floors, the infestation is contained within a couple of rugs, but I am manna from heaven for all manner of biting bugs, from fleas to mosquitoes and horse flies - they just love me. Hay never seems to be touched by the little buggers and believes the infestation is all in my mind. The fact No.1 Son is also biting-bug fodder and is covered in bites on his ankles hasn't convinced her. I consequently ordered some flea spray for the furniture from Amazon, which was promised to be delivered early last week. I got a message several days later that it would be delivered next month. I cancelled the order (a pity, as it had good reviews) and bought some other preparation, again from Amazon and again with a delivery date of a couple of days. Got a message yesterday that it wouldn't be delivered till late next week. Finally got some on Wednesday on eBay and both it and the last Amazon order arrived yesterday.

Getting a tad fed up with my plumber. A few weeks ago it was the air-source heat system pump - he was sent the wrong pump and it was a week before he called with the correct pump. This week it was the solar thermal circulation pump - yet again he maintains he was sent the wrong pump. He has a big problem with ordering the wrong pump, or perhaps he's overbooked himself. shan't be using his services again.


  1. Cat fleas can last for years before springing into action. Kill, kill, kill.

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