Sunday, 16 October 2016

Marshmallow & S7 Edge Kitty

Linking yesterday's post about cat fleas and today's more technical post, here's Kitty texting on her tiny phone (old fleabag!):

Discovered a problem with the new Galaxy S7 Edge. Marshmallow restricts write access to the Micro SD card in certain circumstances, even on rooted devices, meaning some apps, like Foldersync, don't work when syncing from say Dropbox to the SD card.

The reason is to restrict possible malware from writing to other folders, but it's a big issue for me as I keep all my data on my mobile phone (and I mean all). 

Not much use having a phone that has a 200gb SD card if you have to load it up manually by taking it out of the phone. Luckily I haven't bought a 200gb SD card yet - nor am I likely to if a quick fix can't be found. Doubtless someone will find a fix and write an app for it, but it can't be soon enough for me.

There is one fix, which is to format the SD card as internal (rather than external) storage, but it has to be done on a PC with special software. Bit of a faff, but I'll try it on the current 64gb SD card to see if it solves the problem.

I have discovered that I could have flashed the S7 Edge ROM to my Note 3, which I loved. Bit late now that I've rooted the S7 though, but I do think the S7 is a bit more ergonomically attractive.

Might just flash the S7 with a ROM that doesn't have the SD card issue, as it's not so much a feature of Marshmallow as a quirk of Samsung - they switched off the ability in their version,

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