Sunday, 23 October 2016


Was walking through town doing the weekly shopping yesterday and spotted a bloke in a hoodie that said Hollister. My immediate reaction was to chuckle. Hay asked me what I was giggling about and I said I thought it amusing that someone would wear a hoodie bearing the name of our local ironmonger, Hollister's being where I get LPG gas bottles, tools, lightbulbs, plugs, etc.

Hay then inducted me into the mysterious world of the latest fashions.

I'm obviously fast becoming a dinosaur when it comes to the satrorial matters. I genuinely thought Hollister's had started giving their staff hoodies emblazoned with their name as an advertising exercise and blokey was out on his lunch break.


  1. Join the dinosaur club.
    I hate having logos on my clothes, during the summer I bought a cap to protect my dome from the suns rays and then spent an hour removing the logo.

  2. I trust it wasn't a Gieves and Hawkes logo?

  3. I had an account with them once. WRAF uniform, I wonder if the still have the printy thing for my 'Cards' ?