Saturday, 1 October 2016

A Series of Overheards


Hay: "Right, I've made an executive decision, we're going for dinner tonight to The XXXX."

Chairman: "But they'll not be best pleased with us - remember we were in serious discussion with them about having the wedding reception there. I suppose we can just say we put it off for a couple of years."

Hay: "The wedding rings will be a bit of a give-away."

Chairman: "We can say we ended up marrying other people, which is why we had to put it off for a couple of years - till the divorces come through."

Overheard on the way to the restaurant:

Chairman: "Which car shall we go in?"

Hay: "The Pool Car."

Chairman: "But you can't go out looking like a million dollars and turn up in the Pool Car."

Hay: "But you only look like thrupence."

Overheard at the venue:

Hay: "So what is it?"

Chairman: "An Allard."

Hay: "Is that like a Mallard, but less ducky?"

Wasn't as nice as this though, which I saw in London earlier in the week:

Overheard during dinner when talking about universities:

Chairman: "But I never went to university."

Hay: "You didn't need to, you already know it all."

Overheard later during dinner:

Chairman: "Do you think I should select my pall bearers now, and tell them, or is that a bit morbid?"

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