Thursday, 6 October 2016

Carpe Diem

Theresa May's carpe diem speech.  Rousing, invigorating, but just words. Can the leopard change its spots? She wants to turn the Tory Party into the party of the average, working-class millionaire - sorry, worker.

For  long time the Tory  Party has been like a lot of (not all, by any means) self-professed evangelical American Christians, the type who flaunt their Christianity in public - the least tolerant of individuals. The more Christian they proclaim themselves to be, the less tolerant they appear.

I suppose that begs the question of whether Jesus was a socialist. He must have been - looking after the poor, loving your neighbour, diatribes against violence, turning the other cheek etc., etc.. You couldn't get much more socialist. Why is it them that American Republicans, who  never miss a chance to exhibit their Christian credentials, are among the least tolerant people in the world and don't appear to give a toss about the poor or the dispossessed?

I'm not talking about the many Christians who wear their Christianity quietly and unassumingly, but the vociferous ones whose politics defines their brand of Christianity, rather than the other way round. That, I believe, is the root of their problem. He did preach against tax avoidance though (Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's) so he came from the socially responsible wing of whichever strain of politics he represents.

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  1. Wasn't there also something about him disapproving of money-changers? I always thought Travelex was a rip-off too.