Thursday, 20 October 2016

Absentminded Trump

Had a business meeting in Chelmsford yesterday. Could have sworn it was at 11:30. When I turned up the receptionist said the chap I was to meet was in the Colchester office. While she was frantically trying to contact him, I looked at  the email from last week again and was horrified to read; "Before 11:30 or after 14:30." Luckily the chap my contact wanted me to see was working from home some 10 minutes away and I had a meeting with him instead. Day saved! Must learn to read emails properly.

Trump vs Clinton. Is it just me, or is Trump adopting the tactics favoured by his hero, Putin? It  does seem rather ironic to me that an establishment figure (and millionaire to boot) is positioning himself as an anti-establishment candidate.

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  1. Yes, poor Mr Putin being blamed by those nameless and faceless morons who financed the enemies of the middle east.