Monday, 3 April 2017


Former Bank of England Governor, Mervyn King, has said that in 30 years time Brexit will look like 'any old blip'. 

A bit like the Great Depression then...

In a way, Scottish independence has given me an insight into the minds of the ideologue Brexiteers who have no rational argument for Brexit. If I'm honest with myself, a dark recess within my mind believes Scotland should kick Westminster into touch to just to teach the government a lesson. Purely visceral, certainly not rational, not in the best interests of the Scots and not a sentiment to be put into action.


  1. I think that the three hundred year old Union needs be broken up so that the countries can be totally independent again making their own decisions.

  2. My darkest thoughts would be for England to get rid of Scotland and Wales and N.I. See how they like that!
    I would, however, not vote for it.

  3. The small nations would fare better in the EU than in the UK.