Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Stereophonics

I have a Bose Soundlink speaker that's attached to the TV (due to the TV's own speakers being abysmal) and I also use its Bluetooth functionality to connect my phone for playing music. However, while the sound quality of the Bose is fantastic, it isn't a stereo speaker, a drawback that only struck me over the weekend when I wanted the full stereo experience on ZZ Top's La Grange. 

I had a quick shufti (do people still use that expression?) on Amazon for Bluetooth stereo speakers and found a plethora of devices which looked no different to mine. They're actually advertised as a stereo Bluetooth speaker, in the singular and not in the plural.

Now what is the benefit of an allegedly stereo speaker that's a single box? Unless these speakers are ventriloquistically-enabled (?) and can throw their sound simultaneously in two different directions, what's the point? For the real McCoy you'd surely need two boxes that can be spatially separated by a few yards at least, not just one box 16cm wide with two speakers? You'd have to have the damned thing next to your head to experience any stereo effect, much in the manner of the old Brixton briefcase - or am I  missing something here?


  1. Designed for small spaces? ...Or maybe designed for a specific market and the 'W' fell off? :)

    1. The thought did cross my mind, but being the delicate creature I am, I didn't mention it...