Saturday, 1 April 2017

Student Debt and Brexit

I was watching an item on the local news about the lack of students from the area going into university education recently due to the cost. It's appalling to think that students leaving university these days have a debt that's 4 x the price of my first house. Mind you, my first house is now worth 3 x the student debt and nearly 13 x the price I first paid.

Someone I was speaking with yesterday maintained the Remain campaign is weakening the UK's Brexit negotiating position. When asked what exactly that negotiating positions was, there was a silence and a look of puzzlement. I explained that leaving the EU is like leaving your local golf club and trying to negotiate over how you're still going to have access to the course and the clubhouse without paying your membership fee; to any rational person it's simply a non-starter. David Davies is releasing a gradual stream of statements admitting that all the key Brexit promises will have to be broken if irreparable damage is not to be done to the UK economy; immigration, single market access, the cost of leaving, EU laws, etc., etc.

Love this Photoshopped Brexit bus...

The bus is a bit naughty though, as that money would still be spent even if we remain in, as it's money we've committed to spending on EU projects during the current budget cycle - hence the demand.

The polls are showing that as reality sets in the population is becoming more skeptical about the alleged economic benefits of Brexit. This is one from Statista, which is, by all accounts, a reliable and reputable firm.

It seems the Brexit camp is gradually shrinking down to the uncompromising and dogmatic ideologues who present their ideas as indisputable fact, regardless of evidence to the contrary, and keep repeating the mantra that 'it'll be worth the cost', even if that cost includes the breakup of the UK. Pursuing ideology at any cost is a dangerous path to tread.

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