Saturday, 8 April 2017

Cats and Quantum Effect of the Superglue Dance

Overheard while watching Hinterland:

Hay: "Where's that shot set then?"

Chairman: "Dunno - somewhere in west Wales - not sure really."

Hay: "Wherever it is, it's cold, wet and bleak."

Chairman: "Could be anywhere in Wales then."


Chairman: "In my experience, all female cats are aggressive, whereas make cats are docile and a lot more friendly."

Hay: "That may have something to do with male cats being neutered; if I cut your 'nads off I'm sure you'd be docile."

Hay's dad was fixing something the other day and managed to Superglue his thumb and forefinger together on both hands. He spent much of the day wandering around looking like an Indian dancer.

Whenever I blindly grab for a knife in the cutlery drawer, I unfailingly pull out either a fork or a spoon. I'm convinced a quantum effect switches the positions of the respective utensils in the tray whenever the drawer is closed. Until actually observed with the eyes, they remain in an indeterminate superposition defined only by a probability wave which doesn't collapse when blindly grabbing.


  1. Is that a cattle prod between the knives and wooden spatulas?

    1. Not my drawer, actually. Took it from the internet.