Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Village Hall Comedy Night

Spent yesterday evening preparing the Village Hall for our annual Village Comedy Night tonight. 

Three course meal and a couple of hours of ribald fun for £25 a head - bargain! Hay, unfortunately, will be working in the kitchen preparing the food. There's usually about 3 comedians - last year we were all in absolute stitches and it was a close run thing between whether the Scouse comedian or the Geordie was the best.

There's a rumour that the acts this year will represent the major political parties...

No sooner do I get my new Galaxy S8 Plus than there's a software update from Vodafone. Should I be worried? Found a nice email app - Aqua Mail - I've combined my Gmail and work email into the one app. Looks and feels like desktop Outlook (the app version of Outlook is utter garbage) and the only thing you can't do is drag an email to a nested subfolder in one action. There's even the ability to give different accounts a different notification sound, so you can ignore work emails over the weekend and at nights.


  1. I have used aqua mail for a while now on my galaxy tablet and I have found it to be useful. I also use the gmail app for my gmail account.

    1. I prefer having all my mail together in one app.