Sunday, 23 April 2017

Next Election

Mrs May has staked out her wares in the elections game by declaring the Tories as the party of low taxation; however, the irony is that the NHS and care for our elderly are under intense pressure and she wants to give the electorate, rather than critical services, more money. The double irony is that the electorate, which believes the NHS to be sacrosanct, will probably fall for it. Mrs May is betting on the electorate saying one thing in public but doing another in the privacy of the voting booth. and if the referendum was anything to go by, she's probably on to a winner - after all, Brexit is already inflating the weekly shopping bill and the purse is mightier than the mouth.

That said, a few quid in tax rebates to help with the shopping bill isn't going to cut the mustard when the bill for your private health insurance, or massive the bill from the hospital, lands on the doorstep. It's indisputable that the countries with the highest level of tax enjoy the highest quality of life - just look at Scandinavia.

In going for the public's Achilles Heel, she's exposed her jugular to the other parties. No wonder she doesn't want to take part in a televised election debate.

Had to call in at Next yesterday morning with Hay to drop an item of hers off (I swear she returns 90% of what she orders on-line - if she kicked the bucket tomorrow I'd still be returning stuff on her behalf for a year). During the return process, the checkout girl said; "And have you got anything planned today?" in that voice which conveyed the fact she had been instructed by head office to say that (all the Next staff say it), but wasn't actually the least bit interested. She hadn't bargained for Hayley, who launched into a monologue about the Village Hall Comedy Night, much to the dismay of the women in the queue behind her.

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