Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Hypocritical Shopping for a Flying Reliant Robin

Last month Mrs May said; "Another Scottish Independence referendum at this time will detract from the Brexit negotiations." What will a General Election do? I smell the overwhelming stench of hypocrisy. If anything suggests we're ripe for absolute, fixed term parliaments (never mind about 2/3rds majority), this is it. While politicians may enter parliament with all manner of good intentions and a desire to serve the country, power nevertheless corrupts and soon the survival of the party becomes the first priority. It's a consequence of the human condition combined with the party system.

A Dutch company has developed what is says is the world's first flying car. If you ask me, it looks more like the world's first flying Reliant Robin. Wouldn't want to use this for cornering at anything more than 20you end up woth something  MPH on those pram wheels.

Four wheels good, three wheels bad.

What with take-off and landing more than likely to be restricted to registered airports (can't see the police being happy with you taking off from and landing on the M4), it's not going to be a democratic nor inexpensive mode of transport. Might as well have a private helicopter.

The problem that usually manifests when you try to design something that accomplishes two totally different tasks is that you end up with something not really suited to either.

Thought I'd reached peak self-congratulation yesterday. I went to do some shopping and had left Hay's shopping list behind at home. I tried remembering what was on the list and, unusually for me, had perfect recall. When I got home Hay asked where the toilet paper and kitchen paper were - I'd left them on the side in Lidl and never put them through the checkout.


  1. Spinning blades, inches from the average motorists' head... what could possibly go wrong?

    1. Perhaps, as it's black, they should rename it The Grim Reaper.

  2. I think that May Twinkle Toes has lost the plot!