Thursday, 20 April 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Remember that hardware issue I had with a 6 month old Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that I'd rooted and flashed with Android Nougat? Well, after submitting a letter to Vodafone whereby I  informed them that a 2 year, EU, statutory hardware warranty existed on the phone, regardless of having rooted it, I received a phone-call last week from Vodafone telling me I qualified for an upgrade, despite having upgraded already last October. Regardless of my protests that I wasn't due an upgrade, the customer services rep said there was no record of me upgrading in October, so I went with it.

OK, it cost me £50 up-front, but later this morning I'm due to receive the latest Galaxy S8 Plus - much cheaper than paying £235 for a new circuit board for the S7 Edge. Vodafone didn't actually admit liability for the old phone, so I guess this is a face-saving way of admitting I was right, without having to actually say so - and possibly opening the floodgate to warranty claims on rooted phones.

If I don't get my original phone back I'll know for certain that is the case. If I do, I'll have a spare phone to sell.

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