Thursday, 6 April 2017

Easter Egg Furore Over Syrian Mower Deck

The mower deck welding sage proceeds apace. Needless to say, the mobile welder never got back to me on Monday. On Tuesday I rang him again and he said he wouldn't be able to collect the deck till towards the end of next week, but I could drop it off at his workshop between 8 and 4 on Wednesday of Thursday. I duly arrive at his workshop at 8am yesterday, and waited, and waited. By 8.30 I was fed up and left it propped against his workshop door. I called him at midday to confirm he'd seen it. I don't have a good feeling about this.

Talking of good feelings, or the lack of them, I can't help having a niggling feeling that world leaders are perhaps being a touch premature for blaming Assad and Putin for the chemical attack against Syrian rebels. It's eminently feasible that a bomb hit a chemical dump used by the rebels - no-one is whiter than white in this war. People these days do tend to go off on one before thinking things through.

Given the storm in an eggcup over East eggs, I thought I'd see what type of Easter eggs can be found out there:

See if you can guess what religions they belong to...

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  1. The Monied & Overfed religion. They are all very cute/attractive.