Tuesday, 11 April 2017

One Groat for Brexit Watering Cans

So while United Airways have to forcibly remove passengers from their planes because they love them so much, Ryanair have to use cattle prods to actually get them to board in the first place.

There was an item on the BBC News website yesterday advising people with more money than sense on how to destroy one of these new five pound notes. They involved using liquid nitrogen or a rather nasty acid mix. Both of these, I would imagine, entail a high degree of danger and some considerable expense. I'd have thought the simplest method would be to find a handy goat and just put it anywhere near its mouth.

Apparently Anglicans were more likely than Catholics to have voted Brexit. I  wonder if that's anything to do with the fact Catholics are used to a foreign leader of their Church, whereas Anglicans have a British senior primate. Also, you're morel likely to have voted Brexit if you've remained close to your town or city of birth, rather than having moved a lot due to  job seeking or other reasons. The common theme here seems to be status quo ante.

Hay bought some watering cans from Amazon yesterday and was rather amused by a customer review: "Does the Job! Holds water really well, unless it is tipped forward and then it pours out of the spout...nice feature. The cap for the end was useless as it was full of holes, apart from that it was good value."


  1. Amazing ! United Airways removed four fare paying passengers and replaced them with four staff members. Well, dammit I too would have been excessively annoyed if that had happened to me.

  2. I wonder if there's a correlation between anti-Brexit votes and higher education?

    Seems that way (from my very small sample of acquaintances)