Thursday, 13 April 2017

Charity Starts at Home

There's lot in the ether at the moment about the UK's foreign aid budget. The most common call is; "Charity starts at home," an odious and trite little phrase that usually emanates from those least likely to have ever had anything to do with charitable giving in the first place. Charity does not start at home, it starts where it's most needed and does the greatest good. That's not to say there aren't issues with the manner in which British foreign aid is spent. Better to fix the issues rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Talking of charity - any motor mechanics out there?

The 500SL is misfiring after warming up. Start her from cold and the engine growls like a bear; warm her up a bit and then she starts misfiring badly. I suspect one of the two ignition coils (V8), but before tackling it I'd appreciate some confirmation. It gets worse under increasing load.

The issue only started following the after-market alarm going off randomly during the high winds we had earlier in the year. As I was going away on a business trip, I took the precaution of disconnecting the battery and it was only after reconnecting a week later that the misfire problem manifested. I can't help feeling it's connected to the misfire, but it may just be coincidence.

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