Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Here We Go Again

The Church is getting in a tizzy (predictably, and as regular as clockwork) over Cadbury and the National Trust airbrushing Christianity from Easter during their annual kids' Easter egg hunt. I suppose it's no more annoying than the Church appropriating the pagan festival of Eostre in its attempt to stamp out paganism.

What on earth does Jesus have to do with Easter bunnies and eggs anyway? Can't kids have a bit of harmless fun without the Church injecting the image of their crucified man-god into the festivities?

The Church says Cadbury was a Quaker and his memory should not be traduced by eradicating Christianity from Easter. Yet, whilst the Cadbury family were not directly involved with slave trading, they made handsome profits from slave grown and colonial manufactured produce. People who live in glass houses, etc..

Added to that, Quakers didn't celebrate Easter...


  1. The Quakers don't celebrate Christmas either, although a few might do very quietly in their homes.

    1. They do celebrate Chocolate and Porridge though.