Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Tangential Google Art

I'm starting to get rather upset with Google. The search results are more commercially focused than ever and are becoming increasingly tangential  to what I'm actually searching for. It seems most prevalent on a mobile phone, where I rarely get the information I'm looking for - although I do get ideas for where to buy it (Gibraltar, for example) at a good price.

Seems I'm not the only one noticing this. I guess that with the proliferation of online content the amount of crap is just growing exponentially and, with time, it just becomes more irrelevant. Well, either that or Google is paying more attention to advertising revenue than search criteria (or am I just an old cynic?).

Hay sat as a model for her sister's art class yesterday afternoon and spent the session reading - this is what resulted (her sister's rendition):

A rather good likeness, in my opinion.

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