Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Date

We keep moving our Early Spring Bank Holiday, specifically developed to honour the very important banking industry and the cultural impact it has had on all our lives, and Christians keep moving their religious festival to exactly the same days...

No.1 Son asked me yesterday why banks aren't open 9-5, or even 9-6 and specifically Sundays, like other big businesses that sell stuff to people. Couldn't answer him. Imagine if shops had the same opening hours as banks.

We spent Friday getting junk out of the shed to make some space and getting it ready to take to the Sort-it centre in the trailer. We spent yesterday poring over what we'd removed from the shed and having second thoughts. Nearly half of it went back into the shed.


  1. Bank Holidays are so that the staff can go to the shops and spend their sinful earnings.

  2. Pity Easter isn't, say, the second Sunday in April and we'd all know when we can book our holidays from school. The business of full moons after an equinox or whatever is a bit old fashioned. Just like banks who think they relie on paper books and quill pens- instead of a quick tap on the keyboard.

  3. In Poland banks are open like shops and inside shopping centres till 9 pm [incl. weekends] :)