Monday, 15 August 2016

100 Year Sweat Shops

I feel sorry for the Chinese tailor who altered my suit -  look at the hours the poor bugger works. He only gets about 4 hours off during the week.

Here's a snap of the wedding venue (left of centre - Town Hall), although I'm sure I've already posted a few shots of it before. Goes on forever at the back. Went to test the sound system on Saturday and discovered they have Internet. Might see if I can live-stream the wedding (without Hay knowing, or course).

Watched Ironclad II on Amazon last night. Not worth watching - rehash of Ironclad I, but much worse and with no basis in history. 

It's set 5 years after Ironclad I, hence 1220, yet at the end one of the characters does a voice over saying the main protagonist went off to fight in the Hundred Years' War, which a) didn't start for over another 100 years (1337), and b) would not have been known as the Hundred Years' War when it started.

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