Thursday, 18 August 2016

Wedding Run Up

Blue wedding suit arrived yesterday - and it fits perfectly. Now the shirt cuffs need shortening, which Hay's dad's girlfriend is going to take care of. She reckons 2 inches off them, but I have my doubts. I've been proven right before. Perhaps a last minute visit to an airport shirt shop on the way back from Germany the day before the wedding might be in order.

Still not happy wearing a linen suit though - linen makes you look as if you slept in it. I suggested to Hay that I could wear the suit in during the trade exhibition I'll be at in the days preceding the wedding, but she thought that a bad idea. Can't think why.

To wear a tie, or not to wear a tie, that is the question. As the wedding is informal I'm not minded to wear one. A linen suit is ultra-casual too - even gentleman-of-the-roadish - so a tie would just be somewhat incongruous. Perhaps I should be accompanied by a scruffy dog and carry some copies of The Big Issue.

All these British athletes winning golds at the Olympics - unheard of! Could they be on drugs?

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