Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Brexit Workout

Colin will be finishing Hay's office today. He's on a bit of a health jag - he left his van next to the office and walked home last night. He warned us he may be a bit late today as he'll be walking to work this morning too.

Colin's house of the one just to the left of his van cab by the pole - all of 20 or 30 yards away...

I'm finding it hard to reconcile the following:
  1. Brexiteers are crowing that financial Armageddon hasn't happened yet,
  2. Simultaneously they're complaining we haven't left the EU yet.
Somehow they can't see the connection between 2 and 1 - cause and effect. That said, sterling is already at its lowest for 31 years.

The referendum was a declaration of future intent, but many are thinking it will never happen. It certainly won't happen till we know what we're aiming for and have worked out the consequences. To do otherwise would be like dropping everything and going on holiday without checking your passport for validity, booking a hotel and flights or even asking your boss for holiday leave - a recipe for disaster. 

As for Owen Smith standing for the Labour leadership on a platform of putting the final plan to the electorate - a canny move. Might not endear him to the Trot wing of the Labour party (who seem to be in the ascendancy), but would certainly endear him to (at the very least) 48% of the electorate, if not more now.

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