Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Hull Nuts


Hay: "I have to go to Hull in a couple of weeks on a Friday for a 1pm meeting. If you came up on Friday evening and met me half way, we could stay somewhere nice for the weekend. What's on the route?"

Chairman: "Doncaster, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Solihull..... I'll meet you half way in Tetbury then...."

Note: Tetbury is about 16 miles from us.

Heard a news item on the radio yesterday about some gin bar where the owner has installed a mobile phone signal blocker, complaining that too many people are using social media, leading to them not really enjoying the bar. That's one establishment I'll keep clear of then...

Spotted these in M and S (can't use ampersand in Blogger) over the weekend:

Coconuts with ring-pulls! Yet they sell coconut water in bottles on the next shelf for half the price.

Blokey restocking the shelves said they sell loads of the coconuts, but hardly a single bottle of the coconut water. There's one born every minute - or even second.


  1. Looks like something that you could buy once for the novelty.

    1. The mugs seem to buy them all the time.