Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ozleworth Transmitter

We went to Newark Park in Ozleworth on Sunday for a few hours and saw this on the way back:

The Ozleworth transmitter. Very eerie up close and looks as if it's abandoned, but it can't be.

Newark Park is a National Trust property, originally built in the 1500s as a hunting lodge and greatly extended since. A Texan, Bob Parker, leased it in the 70s on condition he renovated it. He did a nice job and spent a fortune on it.

Hay was persuaded to part with £110 in order for us to become National Trust members; I had my doubts about joining a right wing party that looks after the Nob's houses for them...

Hay & House.

Wonderful view from the Hall.

View obscured by ugly window on the landing.

Saw a very nice cabin in the grounds for serving snacks.

I was rather taken by it. You can never have too many cabins. Perhaps Colin's next job...

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  1. I rather liked the cafeteria at the Garden Centre at Chatsworth. We even asked who had built it as it would have made a great house. Subject to land acquisition and Planing Permission.