Sunday, 14 August 2016

Garden Story with a Twist

The linen jacket sleeves couldn't be re-lengthened - it transpires they were taken up at the shoulder and not at the end of the sleeves. The manufacturer has run out of 42 regular jackets, so I've had to order a blue linen suit - thank God. Would have felt like a refugee from Our Man in Havana in a white one. Now to look for a short armed person to sell the white suit to.

Regular readers may know I bought an old Bolens ride-on lawnmower back in the spring, but a broken deck belt rendered it inoperative after a couple of months. No amount of research could produce a diagram of how the new belt should go on and even the engineers renting one of our cabins were completely flummoxed. I finally found a diagram on the Interweb yesterday - 5 minutes later the ride-on was operative. The secret is that the belt crosses over itself, which is not something that's immediately obvious, especially when the deck is in the raised position.

The problem that had me scratching my head was that whatever way you fitted it (most of the pulleys are V shaped while a few are a flattened U) resulted in a the V in the belt meeting a U shaped pulley, or the other way round, somewhere along the path. Twisting the belt and crossing it over itself sorts all that out as well as taking up the extra few centimetres of slack that was plaguing me. I was convinced for a while that I had the wrong belt - although the par number matched perfectly.

Hay  was certain I'd never get it running again, and I was starting to feel that way too...

Hay's new garden office didn't quite make it to the weatherproof stage on Friday, but it should be finished this week:

Colin's thinking of getting a job as an IKEA furniture assembler after this. How the hell you're meant to erect it in one day is  beyond me - perhaps if you were doing it all day, every day.


  1. John Nettles in Midsommer Murders always looked as if he could do with shorter sleeves.

  2. Did you see "Shed of the year" on Friday night - chap with 350 lawn mowers in a shed museum.Stripping them down and wondering over the workings seemed to be a fascination.Good to see a boffin/geek/typical old school Englishman enthusing about what interests him.