Sunday, 28 August 2016

Old Piles

Went to Tyntesfield yesterday - another National Trust property to the south of Bristol. Due to the admission price being double the normal NT rate, I do believe we've covered our annual subscription already - and we haven't even started paying the monthly subscription yet.

The gift shop contained a copy of Bradshaw's Guide. which has been made popular by the likes of Michael Portillo and his Great Railway Journeys TV programme. One wonders when a Bradshaw's clothing range will be introduced by some enterprising individual. If someone does, I just pray it's not based on Portillo's hideous pastel trousers and jackets.

The house was build on the proceeds from the South American bird poo trade for fertilizer. The last occupier died in 2001 and had reduced its occupation to just three rooms. The National Trust stepped in and bought the place in 2002 after an appeal was launched.

It's typical of these places that the original creator was rich as Croesus, but subsequent generations either fritter away all the money or can't pay for the upkeep due to the burden of death duties. James Dyson's Doddington Park, just up the road from us, will eventually go that way too. Dyson has spent an absolute fortune renovating the place and its grounds.

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