Friday, 26 August 2016

Wiggins Burqa Wedding

I've found out that the Tour of Britain cycle race goes through Chipping Sodbury on the 8th September, the day before our wedding. Would have been nice if Sir Bradley Wiggins could have made it a day later and we could have had some free entertainment for the guests.

Some people aren't half getting into a tizzy about burqas (should be bloody burqua anyway - there's always a u after a q in English), hijabs, niqabs (another weird lack of a u) and what have you on the beach. Woman forced to wear a burqa by a bloke = bad; woman chooses to wear a burqa of her own free will = not bad. Get over it. So long as it doesn't frighten children or horses, what does it damned well matter? Just try telling me what I can or can't wear on the beach and see where it gets you.

The French have a swathe of nudist beaches, for God's sake, and wearing something at these is not a prosecutable offence!

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  1. In some cases a male and female burqa could be worn to cover the folds of excess flesh on any beach.