Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Cabin Virus Fever

Hay's office roof mebrane (which is rubber) has been fitted, but we're going to make some alterations to the flooring; the incorporation of a Celotex layer for added insulation.

Hay's dad starts on the electrics shortly. We'll take a spur off the house, which will provide internet via the house ring main. We're not bothering with water, what with it being so close to the house.

I'm struggling with a PUP - Potentially Unwanted Program - on the laptop. Various virus hunters keep identifying Zperm and deleting it, but then the command screen keeps appearing very briefly and it's. I tried videoing the appearance of the command prompt, which is for a fraction of a second and needed slo-mo to see what was going on. All I  could see was a CMD.exe execution with nothing following the prompt, so I'm not sure what it's doing. It's not even as if there's any untoward activity showing up from the PUPs, but you never know what the hell they're doing.

Same goes for my mobile - had several days of advert-free use after the factory reset and then I started getting the Chrome browser hijacked again with redirections. Wikipedia is the only other programme affected, unlike last time, when even my banking app froze. Seems to have happened after installing a Panorama 360 camera app and I do believe it's down to that. I've cleared all the settings, but to  no avail. I've since uninstalled the camera app, but the problem persists.

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