Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Rammed Full

Hay's up in Newcastle on business today having traveled by train yesterday. Apparently the train was rammed full with passengers; however, she managed to get a seat by the absolutely stupid expedient of booking the journey a few days in advance and automatically being allocated a seat. How dare she!

I think she should have sat in a corridor and made a political point at the train operator's expense.


  1. Further info. is being released on Ramfullgate and it is said that Corbyn and party missed the train that they were booked on.Big heaps of praise that it is also said that a group of customers were upgraded to 1st class so that the C group were seated together. It would have been shocking if they had simply upgraded Corbyn to 1st on a train for which he had no tickets.

  2. Sounds like the exact same approach he took to Brexit, i.e. no prior thought or planning whatsoever.