Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Old Churchill Files

Was watching TV last night and saw an advert for some hair preparation for women called Olia. It was being promoted by a celebrity who I failed to recognise - to be honest I have an easier job recognising Churchill, the dog from the insurance advert, than I do half the co-called celebrities endorsing products on TV. Sign of the times - or my age.

Have you seen the latest advert (for Sky, I think) showing David Beckham running round a city for a workout? I'm sure the bugger lives in a large house in the country and wouldn't be seen dead running in a cityscape.

Was having a look at my zipped archives from previous jobs (I always retain every document I've written) and found one of them was corrupted. It dated from a job I had between 1997 and 2000 and, unless I can find a way of repairing it, the archive is now lost for all time. As a consequence, my oldest computer files now date from 9th November 2000 and I have none left from the last century. Could have been worth something as digital antiques...

How old is your oldest computer file?

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