Friday, 12 August 2016

Zip Repair II

Four weeks to the wedding and we just about have everything organised.

I was wrong about the damaged Zip file being my oldest - I have one even older that's fully intact. My earliest computer file (Word document) is dated 30th August 1995 and my email address was GTMPVXS@TYPEB.SITA.INT, which today is incomprehensible.

I have tried every free Zip repair tool going, but none of them work on the said damaged file. I'm reluctant to go for a paid one (even though they say they can read the file in trial mode) in case there's a problem on the final transcription and I've paid for nothing.

It's amazing what can be done with some old decking and a double-glazed unit, as that's all this new office of Hay's seems to be made of, although it is pre-insulated and kitted out for electricity.

Should be weatherproof by the end of today; however, the blurb said it could be erected in a day while Colin and his mate have had 2 full days so far to reach this stage.


  1. I would be happy to have our IT staff look at your zip file, we would need a copy of the original file and not one that you have tried to rectify. If you would like to contact me then please use Roger(dot)thorpe (at)bpw(dot)co(dot)uk, just replace the words in brackets with . ant @ as necessary.


    1. Thanks Roger, but it's 4GB, which may be part of the problem.