Saturday, 6 August 2016

Old Sodbury Technology Park

Overheard while Hay was Reading the Yate and Sodbury Voice:

Hay: "Crimes - the new funeral director in the High Street is doing all-in funerals for £2,400."

Chairman: "That'll be easyFunerals; only allowed one item in the grave, and you have to pay extra for Priority Cremation."

Colin was away on holiday last week, so not much work was done on the 2nd cabin. He made up for it this week though.

The company in the first cabin are quietly confident of getting more funding for their product, so we hope to have them for another year.

And Hay's DIY garden office for her new job turned up yesterday.

Not only are we creating the Old Sodbury Technology Park, but we're keeping Colin in permanent employment. When assembled, it's meant to look like this.

I'm of the opinion it would be better as a tool shed.