Friday, 19 August 2016

Justice for Voles

Saw a news headline on the BBC website saying the National Trust had released 100 water voles. I wonder what they were being held for and whether they had access to a solicitor.

Talking of the National Trust, does anyone know what this shrub is? Saw it at Dyrham Park last weekend and thought I'd get one for our garden.
Colin fitted the floor and ceiling to Hay's garden office yesterday, but we added another 25mm insulation to the ceiling (25mm on its own just won't be enough for winter snugness). It's also had electrics fitted and is now awaiting a skim coat to finish it off. Just as well, given the next few days hold rain. 


If anyone tells you these garden office things can be put up in a day, don't believe them. Today, with the various modifications we had to make, is day 10, and that's with 1.5 people working on it. It's not at all like putting up a shed.


  1. I suppose that the .5 person is up and down a ladder all the time. The TV progs like Changing Rooms /Ground Force used to get finished with seconds to spare, BUT probably had the customer refitting things square and level for weeks after.

    1. Gavin, Colin's brother-in-law, was the .5 of a person. He was here only half the time for when the job required 2 pairs of hands.