Thursday, 25 August 2016

Two Seats Burkina Farce-o

Corbyn is going to have to be called "Two Seats" from now on. I didn't think it was possible to buy advance rail tickets without a seat reservation, at least when ever I've bought tickets I've always had a reserved seat, whether I like it or not. Can't blame Branson for having a poke at him - it was obviously a set-up, and then for Corbyn's PR team to spin the story into another Branson attack just compounded the error and made them look utter fools. Branson is almost a national treasure.

The French burkina ban? Ridiculous!It's simply inviting Muslims to flout it, cause an even greater furore resulting in the police being in a no-win situation. It merely panders to the ultra-right wing. Wonder when someone in a wetsuit will get asked to remove it? As for wearing a loose-fitting total covering on a sand covered beach - happens all over the middle east, which is predominantly sand, and happens to be the best protection against sunburn and heat.

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