Monday, 19 February 2018

Bridge of Mice for Ukip

Late news, I know, but apparently Henry Bolton has been voted out of the Ukip leadership position. Why the 2nd vote - what part of a democratic vote doesn't Ukip understand?.....

We did a spot of community helping this weekend by clearing a stile of brambles and trees. Imagine our surprise to discover a bridge we never knew existed under all the undergrowth. I always thought it was a stile over the stream with a small culvert.

Cat food pouches left in the kitchen bin ming like hell after a day due to the under floor heating working its magic; then there's also the fact the pouches are made of plastic, which isn't recyclable. Someone should make a cat food pouch in the shape of a mouse with a covering that a cat can rip apart and eat.


  1. Why the 2nd vote - what part of a democratic vote doesn't Ukip understand?.............................Replace UKIP with remainers!!!

  2. Oh come on, you would have been disappointed if I had not made a I do not believe that you meant it to be ironic!!!

    1. If I didn't mean for it to be ironic, I wouldn't have made it. Even a blind bat can see it was pure, unadulterated and incisive irony...


    2. What's even more ironic is that he's going to court to challenge the vote...

  3. Who is his legal counsel the young lady???!!!