Friday, 23 February 2018

Doping NRA Beakers

Of course the NRA is in favour of arming teachers - it's in favour of everyone in America carrying guns for the simple reason it will result in more guns being sold and higher profits. No other reason - business trumps logic and runs the country for the benefit of business alone, paying politicians to so their work. The ridiculous thing is that much of the electorate supports this position. It's people like this that give us ordinary nutters a bad name.

It's worth considering that no-one wants to be spotted holding a gun, even if being used in self-defence, when a SWAT team descends on a school where a shoot-out is taking place. Until such time as the NRA can develop a drone that can tune into homicidal maniacs' brain waves and then follow him (it's invariably, but not always, a bloke) round with a big, neon sign saying; "Homicidal Maniac," handing guns to all and sundry is a recipe for an even greater disaster.

These shootings are not random - the people shot may be, but the target building isn't. The perpetrator is sufficiently clear thinking to have a grudge and doesn't care whether he comes out of it alive, so arming teachers isn't going to make any difference as to whether he comes to the school or not. He's going out in a blaze of glory, come what may.

Trump saying he's going to address mental health, but calling these people 'sickos' doesn't exactly give the right signals either. Unless, of course, he's going to luck up everyone with a mental health issue. I wouldn't put it past him, if it means a contest between mental health and the NRA. Personally, I think anyone who supports the NRA has a mental health issue.

People who support an arms race within American society are just plain morons - there's no other excuse for them. I don't care if I upset any of my American friends on this issue - they're in denial.

So the continental Beaker People from Europe almost totally replaced the original Neolithic Britons some 4,500 years ago, bringing with them a more advanced culture. I'll say no more...

Regarding this Russian accused of using performance enhancing substances in the Olympic curling; how the hell can anything, except perhaps spectacles, improve your performance in chucking a lump of granite at low speed across a stretch of ice? I could understand doping the opposing team to make them fall about in a drug induced haze, but doping yourself?

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