Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Pedestrian Prostitutes at Bristol Airport

Overheard watching a local news item on prostitution in Bristol:

Prostitute: "Just imagine being naked in bed next to the most repellent man you can think of."

Hay: "Just like many marriages."

Apparently Bristol is one of the worst places in Britain to be a prostitute due to an oversupply compared to the demand. This has led to organised crime taking over. Is organised crime better than disorganised crime?

100 years since women got the vote - but only with certain conditions. Shame the two women PMs we've had haven't exactly been a good advert for votes for women. Many more competent ones remained on the back benches or simply stayed as members of the Cabinet.

The wife of a crowned king becomes a queen, but the husband of a crowned queen doesn't. Bit unfair on men...

Does anyone think pressing the button on a pedestrian crossing makes any difference as to when the Walk sign lights up? Has anyone ever bought frozen prawns that taste like prawns should taste?

Hay has been charged double for parking at Bristol Airport twice in a row. There must be some kind of corporate scam going on when booking parking online. Despite arriving after her booked time and leaving before it (as evidenced by her receipt), she ended up having to pay again on exiting. She's managed to get through to the complaints department and we'll see where this ends up. Computer error, no doubt...

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