Saturday, 17 February 2018

Votes for Animals in Northern Ireland

What with the progress of animal rights, when, I wonder, will they be given the vote? They already have passports. There are estimated to be 8.5m dogs and 8m cats in the UK - that's a sizeable electorate; almost as many as those who voted for Brexit.

Which party would dogs and cats vote for, or would they set up their own political parties. I can't see cats and dogs voting along similar lines, so a split in the cohort would seem likely.

This argument about Gaelic that's preventing devolved government in Northern Ireland; why doesn't the government just go ahead, while it's ruling from Westminster, and enact an Irish Language Act, like it did for Wales in 1993? It's not even as if the Loyalists in NI speak English anyway - I always need a translator. Oh, I forgot - the DUP is holding them hostage.

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