Monday, 26 February 2018

Smearing Lecturers

This Ben Bradley smear of Corbyn - bad mistake. It has backfired massively and has served to a) draw attention to Bradley's own, odious, 4th Reich views (ref a vast sea of unemployed wasters who should have vasectomies in order to stop them having several children) and b) sway people who probably would never vote for Corbyn to vote for him purely out of distaste for what Bradley and all and his ilk stand for. Hideous little twerp.

I have to confess that I dabbled with Conservatism in my youth - who hasn't done something stupid when young? - but that was before they became what they now are. It was also before I developed what we experts call a social conscience, which today's crop of Conservatives have left behind. I don't, however, relish the prospect of handing control of the country to a workers' collective intent on a Momentumist Utopia either. For me, a social conscience is tempered with a healthy regard for keeping the the country running and competitive in an increasingly globalised economy - rewarding hard work and yet ensuring that those less fortunate are not left to fend for themselves and the plutocrats and oligarchs are not able to run riot.

The university lecturers' strike is drawing opprobrium from many quarters because students are a casualty. Similarly, if health professionals go on strike they are equally vilified - but what other recourse do they have? Any strike engenders collateral damage - whether it be customers or suppliers, but in all instances the strikers are left with little choice - they also are victims.

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