Friday, 16 February 2018

Comb-over Gold

I was stood in the bathroom using a comb to scratch my back when Hay asked if I was combing my back hair...

Talking of comb-overs, I see The Orange One is focusing on mental health in response to the latest school shooting, rather than guns. How on earth do you tell when someone is about to flip and go on the rampage? Switzerland is often cited as a defence by the NRA - it has high gun ownership and high gun deaths. What the NRA conveniently avoids mentioning is that while average gun ownership is high, it's actually a lot of guns owned by a small number; arsenals, if you will. Also, the overwhelming number of gun deaths in Switzerland are suicides, not school rampages.

In a fit of absent-mindedness we did a spring clean yesterday. I started to merely dust my desk, which spurred Hay into giving the bookcase a severe dusting to within an inch of its life - then one thing led to another (in a mildly competitive manner) and, before we knew it, spring clean. 

A few weeks  ago I made a post about fiat currency and gold. I read this this morning - an eye opener for some.

Deleted Snapchat - useless.

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