Wednesday, 14 February 2018

McMafia Valentine Teenagers

No.2 Son has gone to stay with a mate in Cornwall:

Hay: "You can tell there's no teenager in the house - well, with the exception of you."

I bought Hay a Valentine's card but, on opening it to write a message, I discovered there was no envelope.

This unexploded, WWII, German bomb in the Thames should be manna from heaven for Brexiteers, but they don't seem to be making any obvious connections - humourless lot.

We watched the last episode of McMafia last night. Startling similarities to The Godfather, if you ask me.

Why is it that when someone who wears spectacles can see distance extremely clearly when looking through a small aperture with no specs? If you wear glasses, try it yourself by curling your thumb and forefinger to form a tiny hole and looking through it. Suddenly everything that was fuzzy comes into perfect focus.

Heard a radio announcer introducing a programme on the plover - he called it a plowver. Spot the city boy...

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