Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Customary Cat Exercises

Hay: "Kitty looks subdued, as if she's got something on her mind. I wonder what it could be?"

Chairman: "Jeremy Corbyn possibly coming out in favour of a customs union? She'll have heard it on the radio just now."

Hay: "Ah, yes. She's worried about the implications for that long-term export order for catnip."

Found out how to create gifs using the camera on the Samsung S8+.

Could come in handy, I guess.

Everyone is moaning about temperatures that are predicted to go as low as -5 degrees - one paper is calling it the coldest temperature for 27 years. Can't see what the issues it; when we were living in the caravan while building the house we recorded -10 degrees quite often in winter and there were no problems. OK, we had no water for a few days, but that was only because it came through a hose rather than an underground pipe.

The exercise regime I'm following is certainly having beneficial effects. While my weight has only gone down by 3kg (and I suspect that's because I'm simultaneously putting on muscle mass because the layer of fat in certainly disappearing and my stomach is flattening), my blood pressure has improved dramatically. Before the regime I was around 130/100, it's now consistently at 114/74.

I'm now on 20 wheelie rolls, 20 bicep lifts with a 10kg weight in each hand, 20 arm side curls with the same weight and 20 seconds of abdomen vacuum - all repeated 5 to 6 times a day, with one day of rest in the week to allow the muscles to repair. I'm also still on the 5/2 diet, but not eating breakfast or lunch on the 5 days, thus dramatically reducing my usual calorie intake. Watch this space...

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  1. Sounds like good progress on the fitness front CB! I do free-weights too these days, the old joints aren't up to the more impactful types of exercise and more importantly you can do it in the comfort (and warmth!) of your own house!