Saturday, 24 February 2018

Hozzy Lips In Stow

A few days ago I pondered whether lip readers can detect accents - I found this:

About a third of the sounds we use for speech don’t use the lips or the front of the mouth, and so can’t be distinguished by a lip reader. Accents normally show most of their variation in the vowel sounds and these are the hardest to pick up by lip reading. A strong regional accent can often make lip reading impossible, so a lip reader might be able to tell that you had an accent simply because they couldn’t understand you. Identifying which accent it is would be harder, although some accents – such as Mancunian, which tends to use a wider mouth shape for vowels – might be detectable. More likely, a lip reader would infer your accent from dialect words and phrases (such as the Liverpudlian ‘hozzy’ instead of ‘hospital’).

Went for a quick trip to Stow-on-the-Wold yesterday. Nice place, but filled to the brim with lifestyle shops that provide one with an off-the-shelf, designer, Cotswold living room, or kitchen in the regulation, National Trust grey. These things seem to be designed for people lacking any shred of creativity and wanting to be shoe-horned into a pre-prepared idyll.

Back to Trump and the American arms race; he called the armed deputy who didn't enter the school a coward. That's fine talk from a draft dodger. He makes a habit of being a hypocrite. I'll tell you what's cowardly - not taking on the NRA.

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