Friday, 2 February 2018

Exercising Jehova's Witnesses

Our local Jehova's Witnesses came round yesterday. They're a friendly couple of ladies who are as good as family friends. Anyway, we started chatting about this that and the other, gave them tea and coffee, and somehow (don't ask me how) got onto the subject of the 10 Commandments, which is rare. Anyway, after about another 10 minutes of being lectured by me on their ungodly dietary laws, whether they beat their slaves and honouring lunatic parents, they were desperate to leave. They tried to use the old get-out clause of them no longer being subject o Mosaic Law and some twaddle about the New Covenant, but the 10 Commandments are Mosaic Law and they had to admit defeat and accepted they were cherry-picking what parts of the Bible to believe. I don't think they'll stray into the Bible next time they come for tea and sympathy. It's a bit much when JWs are keen to escape from you.

Bought this yesterday in order to get myself a bit fitter for No Skydiving February.

£1.50 from a local charity shop, and by God it's making my stomach ache around the belt line. A bit tough on the knees too, what with us having an oak floor and no carpet. Watch this space...


  1. You were ripped off CB - there are three wheels and a seat missing...

  2. Used one for years: did my back in eventually