Friday, 9 February 2018

Speeding Derbyshire Neck

I attended my Speed Awareness Course on Wednesday morning, along with about 15 other miscreants. We all filed into the lecture room, only for me to not be on the list of attendees. I showed the lecturer my letter and he kindly pointed out I'd come a month early...

That wasn't my only failure this week. I was going to participate in 5 year clinical trial for an Alzheimer's drug, but my blood tests showed I was out of scope on my TSH levels, which can indicate an overactive thyroid; however, I don't present as typical of someone with an overactive thyroid - they're usually quite slim and may show signs of Derbyshire Neck, or goitre, as it is otherwise known. At least I know and will make a doctor's appointment to see what may be the underlying problem, if indeed there is one. Going on a clinical trial can have its benefits - they do tests on your that aren't normally done at a GP's appointment.

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  1. Hmm, I see you've turned up a month early. I see you're still speeding. I'm afraid that's a fail.