Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Oxfam Car Parks

Oxfam: there's no denying the organisation as a whole does good and makes a difference to millions.
  1. Was any Oxfam money used in the pursuance of procuring prostitutes - i.e. was their use claimed on expenses, or anything like that.
  2. Are the staff concerned still working for Oxfam?
If the answers to the above are no, then move along. The government actually knew about the problems of the East and West Coast rail franchises, but chose to do nothing. The government knew about the problems of RBS mistreating small customers, but chose to do nothing. They knew about Carillion, but again didn't do anything - all these fiascos are costing billions whereas Oxfam gets £31.7m from the government. Can't have double standards just because you want to keep your chums in industry sweet on the one hand but need an excuse to hit an easy target that has a record of exposing government sponsored inequality in Britain on the other.

Organisations involved with vulnerable people are natural and proven targets for a certain type of person - UK aid agencies, UN agencies, the church, etc. - and you've got to be pretty naive if you don't believe some serious abuse doesn't go on. Perhaps staff vetting procedures need to be a lot more stringent, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. The Deputy CEO has at least resigned and done the decent thing - perhaps the CEO should do the same and have a clean sweep.

Hay got a letter back from Bristol Airport Parking about being charged twice - apparently the registration plate recognition system didn't recognise her registration plate on entering or leaving. A rather unlikely story, given they accurately logged her time of arrival and time of departure. She got a refund.

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